Know Who We Are


In February 2004, in a dorm room at Harvard University Mark Zuckerberg, launched a website which is currently worth over $99 Billion, Now that is the part of the narrative that is popular.

It is our belief that Mark had his environment as an added advantage to further foster the growth and rapid expansion of Facebook, and We must say that in RSU there are Mark Zuckerberg’s and Bill Gate’s who are yet to be seen simply because the needed environment that will encourage their growth has not been created.

The dream of the Accelerate hub is to create that enabling environment and encourage tech innovation even in our school ecosystem, not just leaving students to follow the conventional methodology of “graduate first, think later”. With the establishment of the accelerate hub, student tech startups would finally get a platform to easily work, innovate, collaborate and synergize with other tech startups and other experts outside their reach to motivate, inspired and tutor them .

Who are we?

Accelerate Hub

Accelerate Hub is a technology incubation hub that focuses on facilitating student development in the area of information technology and tech-entrepreneurship. We aim to create a community that prompts collaboration and synergy for student tech enthusiast.

A tech community in Rivers State University, Port Harcourt Nigeria.


  • To create an enabling work environment for tech startups in the school ecosystem.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship and technological advancement in the school ecosystem.
  • To position River State University as a leading technological institute.
  • To connect entrepreneurs.


  • To imbibe tech, one student at a time.
  • Connect River state university with the rest of the world by publicizing our achievements within the hub.
  • Hold regular tech entrepreneurial sessions targeted at entrepreneurs who are students.
  • Consistently pursue all our objectives till we attain a shift in the culture of the school ecosystem.

Explore our team

Creative Team


Louis Whyte Jonah

Lead - UI/UX Designer

jimmy Godwin

Godwin Jimmy

Founder - Back End Dev

Ajayi Samson

Front-End Dev

Blessing Anyanwu (UI/UX)

Blessing Anyanwu

Ui/UX Designer

Winston Okatubo

Full Stack Dev

Alabo Excel Kurotams

Front End Developer


Ifeanyichukwu London Adams

Front End Developer

Adesina Ayodeji Abeeblahi

Digital Marketer

Jennifer Etegbeke

UI/UX Designer

Lekan Ibrahim

Full Stack Developer

Tinuke Ademola

Front End Dev

Kingsley Amaechi

Full Stack Developer

Abdulqudus Bammodu

Web Developer


Rivers State Advancement and Linkages Centers, River State University